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Kolar Business Machines offers a virtually unlimited variety of component and system class combinations. The System Quotes are meant to offer general ideas about Kolar capabilities. Kolar offers a much greater variety of component alternatives than most major national brands. Because of this, we are ready to respond to virtually any request made for specific computer and control device configuration or maintaining specific capabilities in new systems.

Also, for example, if you have standardized on specific controllers or other pieces of hardware added to your product (which may or may not be in production), just be specific about the device you wish to have in your system. Chances are that Kolar will be able to source your device. Likewise, if you're an industrial system user and wish to standardize on niche products like the Celeron, Pentium or Core Technology or maybe you're in need of a board that will support ISA cards, these requirements present no problem for Kolars configuration team.

Having said all of this, we would prefer to begin with live discussions
on how Kolars can best contribute to your project. Call us and ask for an Account or Project Manager today!
Regardless, Kolars will do its best to match your request precisely.

Please note that Quantity Orders will qualify for discounts, additional options and special offers!

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