Kolar realizes that our equipment is installed in many environments worldwide. For this reason, Kolar offers a comprehensive set of certification options for our computer products. For those customers who wish to distribute Kolar products both domestically and internationally, certifications such as UL, CE, TUV, DEMKO, SEMKO, NEMKO, CSA, CB, FCC and others are available.

The key to Kolar's certification strategy is to realize that each of our control units is assembled and manufactured using a "clean sheet" approach. Since each product (or line or products) has unique requirements and specifications, certifications are offered as an option at customer request. Project Management and Scheduling are the keyword when seeking Certifications and Compliance listings. Kolar uses quality pre-certified components, so many of our systems can be certified/registered using a "Declaration of Conformity" approach (depending on the standard and certifying agency).